Stereotypes: A widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing.

We've all heard the classic stereotypes surrounding modern day society, they define us, how we live, how we talk and how we act, and the sad thing is, we let it. We allow these labels to complicate everything, and as much as you all want to believe it, it isn't just a high school thing. Even adults in an office stereotype each other...

In high school teens are expected to find a good, stable group of friends, and potentially find a decent, respectful boyfriend... Although in modern day society that is hardly going to happen. It is a normal thing for teenagers to go through phases, in which they attempt to find themselves, find who they are comfortable around and what they enjoy doing, listening to and watching.

However, it is never quite as simple as this. Everyone knows high school is a pain, and no one really enjoys it, and if you did enjoy it, you were probably the one making everyone's life a misery.
In the high school I attended, there were clear groupings throughout the pupils, usually the groups ranged from 5 to 8 people, all of which looked like clones to the "Queen Bee" of the group (and it wasn't hard to define the leader from the rest).
The lowest group was the 'scruff's, the pupils who couldn't afford the newest clothes, the ones who smoked, were rather unintelligent  and never seemed to wear a clean shirt to school. People often predict the scruffs to end up pregnant at a young age, and always be single, following this they would not know who the father is to their child, and be to lazy to get off their lazy butt to work. Most often, their hair would be un-brushed, to match their teeth, and their faces would be blotchy and covered in spots. Gross right?
Following this, is the 'floaters'... You know... their names come up in the register  they answer, but you never seem to know who they are or what they look like. They seems to just blend in, usually going unnoticed, floaters don't engage in much social activity or make to much of an effort with their appearance or school work, they just scrape by in everything. All very boring if you ask me. They never seem to be laughing, joking or arguing... Just, being alive, I guess. They don't really show emotion and never appear to be in a relationship, although, it's hard to tell, as conversations with these people are blunt, short and none specific. (yawn, yawn, yawn...)
I really do hate to say this, but third from the bottoms of the food chain are 'geeks'... It deeply saddens me, but it is true... Their complete lack for social awareness, and their dull unattractive appearance puts them in this predicament. Now, we all now what a classic geek looks like, big chunky glasses, train-track braces, pale skin, long skirt, white socks and Velcro shoes. Their uniform, of course, 100% perfect, without a single stain, or any form of any human life ever using it before. Geeks are boring, tend to have a lack of a social life, they live in a protective bubble, usually enforced by the parents, making them easy prey for the older pupils who are higher in the food chain.
Odd-bits come next, the ones who don't really fit in with anyone else, they are quiet, different, and notice everything. They easily pick up on what people are talking about and doing and are able to evaluate situations that other people are in, they are all also know as wallflowers. In my old high school, I was in this group, so of course I am biased towards them... Groups like these usually contain a variety of people, goths, moshers, skaters and hipsters (you know, the people who their aren't enough of to make a group themselves).  Other people usually don't notice this group that much, and if they do, they never really have too much to say about them, because it is a hard group to understand, they have a range of dress sense, but they are usually quite bright and confident. It's a group that enforces being yourself, and ensures that there are always people there for you. (I am by no means saying that in other groups they are not there for each other or real friends, I am simply talking from experience)
Third from the top of the food chain are the 'jokers' and of course, everybody knows the jokers. They are the ones who simply want to have a good time, to live, to drink, to party, to have fun and to worry about things as they come. They are generally light-hearted, kind and don't care what others think. They don't always keep to themselves as they are very good minglers. They keep up with the fashion, look pretty and don't usually get into relationships that last long. They are spur-of-the-moment people, and are easily to be around and spend time with.
Wanna-be's, ah, yes, we all know them... 2nd from the top, for reasons I am still unsure, I guess it's due to the fact that they are little clones of the populars, just without as much personality. Fake tan, make-up, short skirts, tight tops, size 0... You know. Wanna-be's have to be some of the most annoying and most horrible people I ever encountered in high school, clawing their way viciously to the top of the food chain, trying ever so hard to break through the 'popular' barrier, with their cheap, skanky acrylics.
Moving on to the top of the food chain, the dreaded populars... Pushing people below them by bombarding them with cheap insults that make no sense. American TV shows portray popular people to be feared by everyone, when in reality they are not feared, more like hated. As much as we all want their size 0 figure, to die for blonde hair, blue eyes and skin that is flawless (well maybe not when you remove the make-up), we know that populars are skanky and bitchy, dressing in short skirts, tight tops, and heels as tall as they come (anything revealing really). These girls wear inches of make-up, slapped on all over their face and neck, their lips are bright and their eyes are covered in so much eye shadow and mascara I'm surprised they can keep them open. Every inch of visible skin is covered in 4 or more layers of cheap tan, giving them that fresh squeezed orange look. Their personalities aren't that great either, they have less respect that a prostitute and a hell of a lost more business, difference is, populars don't get paid. They are bound to end up in dead end jobs, and being single mothers to many children... You may wish you were them now, but trust me, in the future, they become the bottom of the food chain.

Yes, I understand, to most of whom this article may concern, high school drama is irrelevant, but it isn't just a high school thing. The whole world is crawling with judgemental creatures who couldn't care less about your feelings, reasons or anything else, they simply care about the gossip they are able to spread, in order to become 'better' than you. Let's make a senario shall we?..
Take an ordinary office... You've got the busy little inturns, who rustle around fetching drinks and photocopies from one side of the work room to the other, though of usually as teenagers, wearing jeans and their 'smartest' top. Above these are the phone-answerers (I'm unsure how to label these), these people spend their lives elevating a phone from a desk to their eye muttering something along the lines of "Hello, welcome to <insert shitty company here>, how may I help you?", in a tone that's everything but merry. Considered mostly to be women in their late 30's to early 40's. Following these are the secrateries, protrayed by Americans as Sexrateries, idiotic girls who would do anything to be bent over by the boss... As if! Secrateries deliver messages, file paper work or handle appointments... Not the most exciting job. Above this is the 'boss' for all intents and purposes. This is usually thought of as a powerful man, who isn't exactly the tallest of men, but has dark hair and wears a suit, very original there with that stereotype.

So there you go, my point proven, stereotype occour all throughout life, causing everyone a hard time, but also, being the bases for many American TV shows, we all love to watch so much.

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